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LaVezzi's Orthopedic Drills

lavezzi Orthopedic Drills 

You want your orthopedic drill to be two things at once. Hard and tough enough to drill through bone. Yet sharp enough to drill freely. You understand that both factors are important to success. LaVezzi Precision understands this, too, and manufactures a proprietary line of orthopedic drill bits that meets both requirements.

LaVezzi Precision orthopedic drill bits are designed to reduce the possibility of necrosis, which may occur if the heat generated by a dull or poorly designed drill reaches 50° C. With proper drill design and use, this possibility is eliminated.

The strength of our orthopedic drill bits comes from the American-produced stainless steel we use:

  • Type 455 stainless hardens to a Rockwell C of 50 and exhibits excellent corrosion resistance. Its high strength and toughness make it less resistant to tempering back when sharpened correctly.
  • Type 440A stainless hardens to a Rockwell C of 54 to 57 and holds an edge better than other materials.

Our orthopedic drill bits are FDA-registered (number 1422572), made to ISO standard 9714.1 and are available in seven diameters made to five lengths each. We have an extensive inventory in stock so you can take immediate delivery. Want your logo or ID on it? No problem. LaVezzi Precision will private label the parts for you.

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